We are always on the lookout for more awesome hand made or ethically sourced products to stock in our shop and on our online store. Are you interested in selling your items through our premium retail outlet?


"Why should I sell through Sollos?"

We only stock hand crafted or ethically sourced products and we have an established brand and loyal customer following.

We operate our physical shop in The Colombo mall in Sydenham (Christchurch). Being in a mall can be expensive for businesses like ours, but it does mean we get a lot more general foot traffic through our store. This allows more people to be exposed to your product, and allows customers to see and handle the items first-hand, which is often the preferred way to buy original pieces and hand-made items.

 We also operate an online store, that showcases a more limited but curated range of stocked items. This is different from the types of websites that host potentially hundreds or thousands of products similar to yours, and allows us to offer those special pieces or products to a wider customer base across NZ and internationally in a more focused way. 

We are dedicating substantial resources to marketing our retail channels on our makers’ behalf through a variety of online channels, as well as show-casing specific products and makers in our store. 

We also take care of all the selling activities, so you don’t have to. This includes taking responsibility for your items while they are stocked in our store.


"So how does it work?"

Our preferred retail model is consignment selling. This means that should we choose to stock your products, we would agree a Guaranteed Supplier Price (GSP) with you for your items. We will then place your items for sale in our store and/or online.

When your items sell, we pay our suppliers monthly their GSP, and we retain our commission for selling the item. If your items don’t sell for any reason, the can be returned to you.

You will always be paid the GSP if and when your products are sold. There are no extra costs for you as a maker. We will deal with stocking, packaging and shipping etc.

Our goal is to provide a premium sales channel for Makers and Artisans like you, so that you can focus on your creativity and production, and we’ll do everything we can to help you turn your passion into an income.


"Sounds great, how do I start?"

If this sounds like a good opportunity for you, then please contact us (through the form below) to discuss what it is you make. If we agree that it’s a good fit for our store, then we will put in place a ‘sale or return’ agreement with you, and we can start show-casing your product to our customers almost immediately.

Contact the Sollos team